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How to add PayPal to an Amazon gift card balance

Are you worried about how to add PayPal to an Amazon gift card balance then this article will guide you on how to tackle the process.

Gift cards from Amazon are a highly intriguing buying option that not many people are aware of. On the other hand, the partnership between Amazon and PayPal is not generally recognized; this is understandable given that the conditions of the partnership have recently altered.

What is a gift card for Amazon?

The vast majority of people are pretty familiar with Amazon, the biggest e-commerce website in the world. However, not all of us are acquainted with Amazon gift cards. And very few individuals can respond to a query like, “Is an Amazon gift card transferrable to PayPal or not?”


Access to the goods for sale on the marketplace is possible via Amazon gift cards. These are cards that clients of this commercial behemoth may use to make purchases from the many sales categories.

They allow for some personalization by letting the recipient choose the card’s color and design, in addition to being, as the name indicates, a gift that may be used to purchase anything they desire.

Therefore, it is a present that you can offer to others and that enables them to purchase whatever they want, always on the Amazon platform or at merchants who accept this gift card as payment.

How can you transfer the amount on your Amazon card to PayPal?

It isn’t feasible. You are unable to transfer the balance of an Amazon Gift Card to your PayPal wallet. As a result, you are unable to transmit the available balance between parties.

This does not exclude you from using this PayPal-issued Amazon Gift Card, however. The gift card may be added to your PayPal account so that you can make transactions with it.

You may also use your card at Amazon itself to purchase as an alternative. If you like, you may also browse other offline and online merchants, as many eateries, pizzerias, and retail establishments, including Amazon, accept gift cards as payment.

Can your gift card be added to PayPal?

Even though, as was already explained, you couldn’t add the Amazon Gift Card’s remaining amount to your PayPal wallet, you may add the Amazon Gift Card to your PayPal account.

It’s crucial to recognize the distinction between adding the card and transferring the balance, which enables you to use the card as a payment method up until your balance is exhausted. Transferring the balance entails sending money back and forth.

Similar to adding a MasterCard or American Express card, adding an Amazon gift card requires the following steps:

>Register with PayPal.

>Choose the “Wallet” section.

>Select “Link a Debit or Credit Card” to do so.

>Select the option for manual card connecting.

>Enter the card’s number, expiration date, and CVV code, among other details that will be requested of you.

>Finish the procedure and accept it.

 You may link the Amazon gift card to your PayPal account so that you may use it to make payments.

Then you may decide to use this card to pay for your purchases.

Could you transfer the remaining value on the gift card to Amazon?

No The balance of your Amazon gift card cannot be transferred to your bank account, just as it cannot be transferred to your PayPal wallet. However, banking institutions won’t also accept your gift card as a form of payment.

The two simplest alternatives would be to either attach the card as a payment mechanism to PayPal or use it as a direct payment at platforms or businesses that accept it.

How can my Amazon gift card be deposited into my bank account?

On the internet, people often pose questions like this. However, you will be unable to transfer any remaining funds from your Amazon gift card to your bank account. Additionally, there is a very slim possibility that your bank accepts Amazon gift cards as a form of payment. So don’t even consider moving your Amazon balance to your bank account. You ought to redeem it directly on Amazon.

The easiest method to utilize an Amazon gift card is to make a straight purchase of any item from Amazon. If you were considering gifting it to a member of your family or friends, that wouldn’t be a terrible idea either. Don’t forget to browse a variety of different brick-and-mortar shops since many of them take gift cards as payment.

How to connect your PayPal account to your Amazon gift card

There is a method for you to connect your gift card to your PayPal account even though PayPal doesn’t exactly enable you to transfer a gift card’s balance to your account.

Simply enter the card number in your account’s Wallet area to do this. This implies that you must add the gift card number as a debit card to your Paypal account. After that, you may use the remaining value on the gift card to make PayPal purchases.

How Can Money Be Transferred From An Amazon Gift Card To A Bank Account?

By selecting Buyers in Amazon Pay, you sign in using your Amazon credentials.

By selecting Withdraw Money, you may make a withdrawal.

A bank account must be opened.

You must enter the amount you want to deposit into your bank account.

Click Continue to continue.

Hope you got the necessary information on the easy way to add PayPal to an Amazon gift card balance using the process above

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