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How to approach a lady and communicate

Tips on How to approach a lady and communicate

How to approach a lady and communicate

It is not so easy to approach the girl you like and carefully and skillfully woo her into getting into a relationship with you. The process requires dedication and patience. This is the key tips to note on how to approach a lady and communicate effectively.

When you have identified your dream girl and where to find her, you must start to communicate with ladies.

Easy tips on How to approach a lady and communicate with her

Do not worry about your excitement as it is normal. Try to approach at least three new girls a day. As a result, you will communicate with more than 20 ladies in a week.


Be sociable

The easiest way to relieve tension and relax when communicating with girls is just to become sociable. Be sociable with your surroundings: neighbours, colleagues, vendors, clerks, and so on. When you become sociable, you seem to pump up your communication.

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During full-time acquaintance with a girl, smile, and make eye contact. It is also essential to behave confidently but politely and friendly.

When you start talking to girls, have a dialogue with them just like with other people. Ladies are not some strange and incomprehensible creatures. Speak to her about ordinary things:

  • Ask a lady how she spent her day
  • Wonder what she is doing here
  • Comment on a book she is reading
  • Share your opinion about the place where you are

In this way, you become more social and work on acquaintance skills with ladies.

Exchange contacts

All your actions: planning, approaching, and communicating with a lady will be in vain if you do not exchange contacts with her. You can offer to exchange phone numbers or invite her for a date. If the girl agrees, then ask her for a phone number.

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