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How To Be Consistent In Creating Quality Content

How To Be Consistent In Creating Quality Content

How To Be Consistent In Creating Quality Content


Today we’ll go a little deeper on how to be consistent in creating quality content. Content is the heart of every modern business enterprise which will determine products sells for marketers and Bloggers.

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How To Be Consistent In Creating Quality Content

1. Plan the content in advance

To be very consistent in creating content, you should plan in advance. Have a focus for the year, month or week so that when its time, it’ll just be for you to publish it.

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This makes it easy because its not everyday you’ll be in the mood to create, such days, you’ll have yourself covered.

2. Create a Template

You can use canva to create beautiful templates that you can be using in publishing your content on social media. You can create templates for quotes, carousels and the like.

Canva is very easy to use. I’m not a graphic designer, but when you see the designs that I use canva to design, you’ll be wowed.

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All that will be left would be for you to edit and publish the content using the template

3. Use Tools

If you’re struggling with generating ideas for your content, you can use tools like answerthepublic, Pixel Lab to get some ideas for your content. There are so many tools that can make creating and marketing content very easy.

4. Use Google Speech-to text

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like typing on your phone or you just want to save time, you can use Google speech to turn your speech to texts and you publish what you have created.

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5. Get a content calendar

You can download already create created content calendars online or you create one using google sheets.

It makes your work easier and helps you to easily batch your content (that is create content in bulk).

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6.Remove Distractions

When its time to create content, forget about every other thing that can distract you and focus on your work.

If you are using your phone to make research about what you want to create, focus on what you’re doing and leave gist at that moment.

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7. Reward yourself

You can reward yourself sometimes. Tell yourself that if you’re able to achieve all that all you planned to do, you’ll get yourself something you like. You’ll see that it works. Just try it.

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8. Take a break sometimes

In content writing feel free to leave the work sometimes. It helps your mind to be active and your creative vibe will be stronger when you come back to the work.

I believe I have solved some problem for professional content writers on how to be consistent in creating quality content that can sell products and drive traffics.

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