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How to Become A 6-Figure Earner In 4 Months

How to Become A 6-Figure Earner In 4 Months

I want to share one of my little success story with you and how to become a 6-figure earner.

Not because I brag about my achievement but for the sake of many Nigeria youths out there who are searching for great opportunities to build something for their selves.

Back in September 2020, I could remember the first time I earned a made and it was a whopping N7,500, for me then it was a major breakthrough.

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Trust me, I knew what am about to share with you then, I would have achieved that within a shorter period.

What I want to share with is what is called Dataway Affiliates,

But for me I call it unlimited data and lots of cash.

Like i said, Dataway Affiliate is just the unlimited data and lots money program where you can earn a 6–Figure income monthly without much stress.

How to Become A 6-Figure Earner In 4 Months, with Dataway

Firstly, you have to know, it’s a data vending platform where you can get access to a more affordable airtime and data purchase + other bill payment including electricity, cable TV like DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscription and other merchant products and services.

How Dataway Affiliates Works

Access to reseller option to resell and make more profit.

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1. Firstly, you will get access to 2gb on your first month subscription

2. There is an affiliate system which we are mainly focusing on and it’s 50%

Remember, registration fee is N2,000; this means that;

You will get N1,000 cash if you promote this (you’ll earn N1,000 per referral.

As if that is not enough, my goodness; they won’t stop at that N1,000 per referral, you’ll also be credited extra 1gb just from that referral alone (this makes you N1,000 from that referral, and also extra 1gb)

You can register through HERE

3. 2GB welcome bonus when you join them.

5. 2GB free data every month for member.

Now how do you see this? 10 people equals N10,000 and 10gb…

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Finally once you register, I will equip you with marketing PDF on how to get 10 instant referrals when you register with through

How to register on Dataway right away and claim?

1. Click Here to Register for Dataway make sure my username “6method” is showing up there in your referral tab.

Fill in your correct details:

2. Make your payment via online payment or ePin your account will be activated immediately and you’ll be taken to your Dataway dashboard.

You can also join my whats App group Here

Remember The more time you waste, the more you reduce your chances of making more money.

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