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How To Bind Your Royal Q with Binance Account (Easy Guide)

How To Bind Your Royal Q with Binance Account

Royal Q trading App is a quantitative crypto trading bot that buys and sells over 130 cryptocurrencies and makes profits for you even when you don’t have forex trading knowledge it keeps bringing profits with zero risk. Learn how to bind your royal Q with Binance account.

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How to Bind Royal Q to Binance Account

1. Open your Binance app

2. Go to Home

3. Select More

4. Select API management

5. Type Royal Q on label and click on create API

This will take you to authentication page. Send code for email and phone.

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6. Insert the codes sent to you and proceed.

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7. Click on the drop down arrow to see the secret PIN. (NB: highlight and copy the secret PIN First)

8. Open your Royal Q.
=> From Home select API binding.
=> Select Binance unbound
=> Go to secret Key and Paste the secret key.
=> Go back to Binance and copy the API Key
=> come back to Royal Q and paste it.

9. Then click on Copy to copy IPs from Royal

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10. Go to Binance
=> click on edit
=> scroll down
=> tick *enable spot and margin trading*
=> go down to IP section and select Restrict access to these IP
=> then paste the range of IPs copied from RoyalQ
=> and click confirm.

11. Go back up and click on save, get code from Binance and complete the process.

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12. Now go to RoyalQ and click on send to get verification code from your email
=> copy and paste it
=> then tick accept terms

13. click on bind.

Finally Is Done.

Hope you got value here on how to bind your royal Q with Binance account to start trading with the Bot. Stay close on our next article on how to bind your Huobi account. Remember to share with others.

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