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How To Buy Cryptotab Browser Pro App With Free Bank Card

How To Buy Cryptotab Browser Pro App With Free Bank Card

If you’re still having issues buying cryptoTab browser pro. Chill I will teach you how to buy Cryptotab Browser Pro App using a free bank card.

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What is cryptotab browser?

Cryptotab Browser, was nothing more than a browser extension with some active mining features. With it you can earn bitcoins without watching videos or online games.


Faced with this, the main idea of ​​understanding the Cryptotab Browser is to make you browse the internet while understanding the browser does the mining of bitcoins for you.

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Therefore, the user can use their preferred browser with the Cryptotab Browser extension mining for you during all the time they browse the web.

How To Buy Cryptotab Browser Pro App

Use any bank card that approves dynamic currency conversion. If it doesn’t work, then

Simply visit:

Hi! Join me on ALAT with this referral code EVTIAR and enjoy digital banking.

  • Create an account and download the app.
  • Verify your account by uploading your documents(BVN and other details required by the bank). You’re creating a bank online remember.
  • Wait for approval
  • Then request for ATM card via your mobile app. The card is free and it will be delivered to you for free.
  • Fund your account with the amount you want to spend and that’s it.
  • The card works on most international sites and you can pay for Facebook adverts with it.

This is what I use in making most of my online purchases since 2019 including cryptoTab. I only fund it when I want to use it.

With this, I don’t have to risk my main bank card to any website online.

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Disclaimer: I don’t work with Wema bank, I only bank with them online. If you have any issues, contact their customer service via their website or mobile app.

Beware of scammers! Banks won’t call you to send your bank details.

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