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How To Buy MUSK Coin (Step by Step Guide)

If you are still yet to join the cryptocurrency space you are loosing the opportunity of this bull run. Learn how to buy musk coin using this simple guidelines below and everything you need to know about muskswap token.

How To Buy Elon MUSK Coin (Step by Step Guide)

Elon Musk Cryptocurrency Coin

MUSK coin is the utility of Muskswap ecosystem that was developed on Binance smarchain blockchain, Musk coin was created to form a community that supports the billionaires as well as famous people and their businesses who participate in the cryptocurrency market, especially Elon Musk one of the most influential technology billionaires in the world’s financial and cryptocurrency markets.

Musk token

Musk coin is a viral cryptocurrency that has drawn the attention of crypto enthusiasts owing to the purpose the token was created, showing the fans’ love to Elon Musk and his projects including Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCit influence of the Muskswap ecosystem.


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How To Buy MUSK Coin On Trust Wallet

The best way to buy Musk token is to participate in the IDO (Initial Dex Offering) as the volume of Musk token that would be allocated to you will be cheaper than the current market price.

  • Make sure your trust wallet is funded with busd and Bnb( for gas fee)
  • Add the coin manually using Custom token and the contract address below

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Muskswap Contract Address


  • Copy the Link below and paste on your DAPPS browser

  • Change the network from Ethereum to Smartchain
  • Connect your wallet if it didn’t connect automatically
  • Input the Amount you want to buy eg $50 busd and then approve the transaction and buy Muskswap coin
  • Then click done

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Hope you got value on this simple steps on how to buy musk coin to your favorite crypto wallets.

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