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How To Buy Wakanda Inu (A video Guide)

How To buy Wakanda Inu

Hello Guys, welcome to 6method crypto hub, following the establishment of the Wakanda Inu coin (WKD) popular known as African revolutionary token many questions have dominated the Google search on how to buy Wakanda Inu.

Wakanda Token

Wakanda Inu is an african community project produced from the profound and warm awareness of mankind. Wakanda Inu (WKD), the computerized image token that addresses the every day battles and yearnings of the best parts of being alive – genuinely alive as a local area.

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Lounging in the wonder of the Ubuntu soul, we present to you Wakanda Inu, the African canine, produced and absolved by the soul of One People group.

WKD is a decentralized image token to drive development in the business, decentralized money situated exercises across the world.

Wakanda Token Contract Address 

Wakanda Inu, the African canine with its high energy, extraordinary endurance, inconceivable hearing, oversight, and strength; catches the pith of precisely being fruitful – the genuine hunter.

How To buy Wakanda Inu from pancakeswap using Trust Wallet

Since Wakanda inu is a token created on BSC (Binance smartchain) blockchain network, it can only be purchased on DEX that’s developed on BSC.

Your underlying advance toward buying Wakanda inu on pancakeswap is to finance your Trust wallet with the Smartchain variant of BNB.

You can purchase BNB on Huobi Trade and pull out to your Trust wallet Smartchain address by choosing BSC network In your Huobi wallet.

After you’ve had the option to get BNB smartchain variant to your Trust wallet, then, at that point, explore to the Dapp on your Trust wallet.

This video below will make the whole process easy for you

Is Wakanda Inu Scam or a Good Investment

Despite the discussion ongoing between some cryptocurrency gurus in Nigeria and Africa at large for and against the new  Wakanda inu coin.

Even some unverified report shows that Wakanda Inu is owned by Nigerians which also adds to the FUDs about the mission.

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Below are some of the reasons why Wakanda Inu is the best community-driven project sofar.

  • No presale.
  • No special public sale allocation to team members.
  • Liquidity locked.
  • 80% of the pubic sale goes to liquidity
  • Community driven.No taxes on transactions.
  • Charity oriented and much more.
  • Anti-whale mechanism.

Wakanda Inu is the first African project that has received love and support from Africans.

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Wakanda Inu Contract Address

Be is the wakanda inu contract address as the new coin is getting more popular by seconds.



For the record now, wakanda inu is the only African hope for the economic revolution. Hope you got value and how understood how to buy wakanda inu through pancakeswap.

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