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How To Claim $100 Worth Of Kaiken INU

Kaiken Inu Airdrop: How To Claim $100 Worth Of Kaiken INU and Kaiken token

Hello everyone, I am your favorite airdrop friend. It’s another great opportunity here learn how to claim $100 worth of Kaiken INU for free

What is Kaiken Inu?

Kaiken is the latest community driven token, with its value still depending on the community’s support.


Just like other dog tokens, It is very different including it’s anti-dump implementation and features.

we are distributing $100 worth KAIKEN Tokens as to each successful Participant as Giveaway!

The party has begun.

How To Claim $100 Worth Of Kaiken Inu Airdrop

To participate in the airdrop and complete all the tasks and you will get $100 in KAIKEN token


Please follow the step by step quide:

1. Human Control

2. Social tasks

3. Submit your BEP20 Wallet Address

[quads id=8]

Get an extra $5 worth of KAIKEN by using your referral link to invite your family and friends.

Offical Contract Address:

KaiKen meme: A Decentralized staking token on Binance Smart Chain with a community-governed launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and Governance.

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