How To Claim 100k MetaWar Force Airdrop

MetaWar Force Airdrop

Here is another way to claim free MetaWar Force airdrop to your crypto wallet by performing a simple task.

Airdrops are one of the best ways in crypto to build a generation wealth free of charge.

 Metawar force Airdrop Information

🔹 Airdrop Reward: 100K $MWFT
🔹 Referral Reward: 100K $MWFT
🔹 Distribution Time: Within 24 Hours
🔹 Airdrop DeadLine: 10th April 2022.

To join this metawar force airdrop register with the link below

MWFT Contract Details

🔹 Network: Tomochain
🔹 Token Name: MetaWarForce
🔹 Token Ticker: MWFT
🔹 Token Decimal: 18

Tomochain Token Contract Address


After you are done with the task, submit your TOMOChain Wallet address above From TrustWallet Or MetaMask to the airdrop telegram bot.

Note: Do not use any exchange address

Remember to share with others, Metawar force free token is limited till 10th April, 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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