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How To Claim 150 Elemon Mystery Box Using This Strategy

Welcome to Box warrior game program, learn how to claim 150 Elemon mystery boxes worths $300 free by just performing simple tasks.

How To Claim 150 Elemon Mystery Box Using This Strategy

There is total of 10,000 Mystery Boxes, and one user could buy maximum of 10 boxes only. Make sure to try your luck and grab this chance to buy a Mystery Box.

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How to Participants in Elemon Mystery Box Rewards

The 150 Elemon Mystery reward participants can complete the required missions to get tickets for the final draw.

The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to earn rewards.

Your wallet: Unset (Press Enter Your Wallet to set wallet address)

Task Tickets = 0
Referral Tickets = 0 (0 refs)
Total Tickets = 0

🔗 Your referral link = (+1 ticket for every 3 successfully referred friends)

📢 Notice: You haven’t followed Elemon Official Telegram Channel, please follow the instructions!

The Elemon Mystery Sale Final Batch is officially opened!

The time has come to make real money and store it for the future.

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Remember to purchase your boxes NOW:

Elemon Box 2:
– Quantity: 3333

Purely for Gaming purpose

Quantity: 29,750

Anyone can buy both box 2 and box 3 if the wallet has more than 500 ELMON.

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To buy 2 Boxes 3, you need to execute 2 times of Purchase (Because we want to increase the chance to buy the box to as many users as possible)

The demand for buying will be huge, our website or BSC network may be slow at sale time; please understand in advance if it happens.

For more details read mystery-box-sale-final-batch

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The mystery boxes can be listed on the Binance NFT secondary market 3 hours after the official sale begins.

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