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How To Claim Corgi Doge Airdrop

How To Claim Corgi Doge Airdrop

How To Claim Corgi Doge Airdrop

Welcome to 6method Crypto network, today we wil be talking about corgi doge airdrop, let’s start with the definition of it. Corgi doge is a real estate investment application, eCommerce platform, the cryptocurrency exchange is designed to maximize the benefit of CORGI coin. The long-term development-oriented CORGI will become one among the used coins widely and replace existing coins.

With the latest information available to our network shows that they are already listed on CNC, hobit is also listing on 25th june, 2021.

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This means that the price can be 4x to 5x higher, if u want to buy then u can buy also
Claim 100,000 free. As it is already listed on coin market cap, you can use BSC network while claiming it.

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How To Claim Free Corgi Doge airdrop

1. Deposit some Smart chain bnb in your wallet like $2

2. Copy, paste and open link in Trust Wallet DApp

3. Change to Smartchain Network




Contract Address

The era when cryptocurrencies will gradually replace existing currencies and be widely used in life by the world. The concept of this entire ecosystem has been developed to perfect the original concept by creating a cryptocurrency using the Binance Smart Chain.

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