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How To Claim DogemonGo Landlord NFT Airdrop

DogemonGo Landlord NFT airdrop.

To celebrate this upcoming holiday season in the DogemonGo Metaverse, we are launching a Christmas Landlord NFT airdrop campaign. Learn how to claim DogemonGo Landlord NFT airdrop.

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What is the Landlord NFT?

Play in DogemonGo areas being the basic landlord to own a land area. With this NFT, you collect in-game rewards from all players even if it’s not in your referral by holding the DogemonGo Landlord NFT.


How To Claim Dogemongo Landlord Nft Airdrop

You can also stake the NFT to earn Dogo tokens within the mobile app.

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The DogemonGo Landlord NFT airdrop Distribution starts 48 hrs after the airdrop ends the first 25,000 people who finished the task at first and correctly will get the possibility to create their 500-meter radius Landlord NFT for free in the DogemonGo app in your area.

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