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How To Create A Youtube Bumper Ads | Easy Guide


Youtube Bumper Ads

Hello, guys welcome to this wonderful tutorial on how to market your products using video Ads. I will be teaching you how to create YouTube bumper Ads and their practical guides.

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What is Youtube Bumper Ads?

YouTube bumper ads appear before or during YouTube videos and cannot be skipped. This fast-paced format is particularly effective on cell phones when people tend to watch videos on the go. Bumpers can work alone, in succession, or a larger campaign.

They can be updated to reduce wear and tear, offer unique content and make it easier to remember.

Bumper Ads Effects On YouTube videos

Bumpers are creative photos designed to convey a short, succinct message. When you only have six seconds, the only thing that matters is making an impact.

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Everything else is invisible, so remove the essentials for powerful success.

Best Performing Bumper Ads size

Bumpers work best when they’re specifically built for the six-second format. Rather than longer ad cuts or even cuts, consider how they can bring something into the story that would normally be left out.

Successful Bumper Ads Tricks

A series of bumpers can build a story for even greater effect.

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Let your Imagination fill in the blanks. Needless to say, count on the power of suggestion.

Create with sound:

Sound is an important factor for the story and youtube viewers

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Reach users:

Connect to a specific audience using an advanced audience view.

Let the details shine through:

Bumpers are ideal for highlighting product features and campaign details.

Setting up bumper ads on Youtube

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, you need to create a Google Ads account to set up YouTube bumper ads. Keep in mind that there are many other types of YouTube ads that advertisers can use, so be careful when choosing bumper ads as your campaign subtype.

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  • After signing in to Google Ads,
  • go to the Campaigns page and click the blue “+” button:

How To Create A Youtube Bumper Ads


  • Click on new campaigns and Set your campaign goal.
  • Choose the bumper ad campaign subtypes.

How To Create A Youtube Bumper Ads

  • Enter the total budget for the campaign and the campaign start and end dates.
  • Choose which networks you want your ad to show on.
  • Set your audience’s language and location
  • Set where you don’t want your ads to show.
  • Use the additional settings to choose which devices, frequency, and other actions to define for your campaign.
  • Name your ad group

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  • Determine your target audience in the demographics section.
  • Define the keywords you want your ad to show
  • Set your desired CPM or the average rate you want to pay per thousand views.
  • Then send to your video and Click Create Campaign.


Remember once your ad is created, it must be approved by Google, which usually takes no more than 24 hours.

Hope this article solved your problem remember to stay stunned for the next topic on YouTube bumper Ads.

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