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How To Find Lost Android Phone

How To Find Your Lost Android Phone In Less Than 2 Minutes

Sometimes losing your phone is quite painful especially if you have important files and information stored in it, Sometimes you might be lose your bank Information to fraudsters. But here are easy way to find your lost Android Phone.

How To Find Lost Android Phone
A few years ago, if your phone gets stolen, it’s as good as gone.

But not anymore.

Today, I’m going to take you through the process on how to track your missing device and recover your stolen phone. This tip is only applicable to android phones only.


How To Find Lost Android Phone in 2 mins

For whatsoever reason you discover your phone is missing. Follow simple steps:

  •  Goto find from another device. Or you can download the Find My Device from Playstore. How To Find Lost Android Phone
  •  Log into the website. Enter the email address and password for the Android that you want to find.
  •  When you log in, you’ll find your device’s name on the left portion of the screen. Click on it!

This will trigger the process for Google to begin searching for your phone’s location.

  • It shouldn’t take too long for your android’s location to be determined. (At most, 60 seconds with a fast internet connection).

Once your device’s location is determined, it will display on the screen.

  • At this point, you’ve found your device’s location. It will also show you the street and town of where your phone is. How To Find Lost Android Phone

Yeah, it’s that easy.

But before you proceed to recover your device, here’s what you should do before anything else.

When you confirm that your phone has been stolen, contact the financial institution that you use for monetary transactions on the stolen device.

Inform your bank about the state of your phone and instruct them to restrict the number from carrying out any transactions till you retrieve your phone or number.

Why should you do this?

Phone thieves can gain access to your BVN by simply dialling a USSD code on your device. With such info combined with your SMS alerts, emails, and banking app, they can launch and can carry out fraudulent activities and make transactions without your authorization.

I hope this post helped.

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