How To Get Ozc Coin Airdrop frr and smart chain

Hello guys, check out how to get Ozc coin airdrop worth $10 to your OZC smart chain Wallet without stress.

What is Ozc Smart Chain?

OZC Smart Chain is a new generation Block chain platform using the IDPoS consensus algorithm with the ability to process at a rate of 1 million transactions per second, near-instant transaction processing time, and almost zero transaction fees. The special thing is that the O-DPoS optimizes the system for almost unlimited expansion and uses fewer resources and power to help protect the living environment.

What are OZC Coin and Its usage?

OZC Coin is OZC Smart Chain’s native coin it can be used for:

  • Payment of transaction fees
  • payment for the creation and use of Smart Contracts on OZC Smart Chain
  • Joining Staking programs and receiving interests
  • Joining lending programs and receiving interests
  • Voting for Master Node and receiving rewards
  • Voting for new policies and strategies of the OZC Smart Chain

How To Get Ozc Coin Airdrop Free

First, you need to register for a free Ozc Account and claim your $10 to buy Ozc coin to your wallet.

Ozc smart chain

1. First of all Join Our official Telegram Channel

2. Then click here to join the airdrop

3. Create an account with an e-mail

4. Verify e-mail

5. log in to the site again & check $10 added to your airdrop wallet

7. Now Update your profile details

8. Then refer 2 of your friends to receive $1

9. Click on Menu, then Buy Oci then buy the first one worth $10

10. Now you will receive 110 OZC tokens on your OZC wallet

11. You have to wait till the ICO end & distribution(Keep updated on our Telegram channel)

Ozc Coin Contract Address

Here is Ozc coin contract address below:


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