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How to hack someone computer with IP address

How to hack someone computer with the persons IP address

How to hack someone computer

How do I hack someone computer or mobile by his/her ip address? In just simple and easy method without them knowning.

First of all you need to know the difference between the two types of ip address,i.e.
static ip and dynamic ip.

Most of the people doesn’t have a static ip. Only some big organization or companies have static ip address. On the other hand almost every common person have dynamic ip connection. Dynamic ip means that, every time you disconnect and reconnect to the internet, your system is assigned a completely new ip address.
Whereas in static ip, it doesn’t matter how many times you reconnect to the internet, your ip would be the same everytime


If you are planning to attack someone who is having a static ip connection then you can move on. But if the victim is having a dynamic ip connection then you can not guess the validity of that ip.

In this case if the victim disconnects and reconnect to the internet then you have to obtain the ip address once again. So i think you got the differences between the two types of ip address by now.

How to hack someone computer or phone with IP address

Now back to the question, and here comes with the solutions or answers. Even if you have the victim’s ip address, its not going to help you unless there is a backdoor in the victim’s system. By backdoor, i mean an open port that can listen to and reply back to your data packets. This can even be done if there is a vulnerable application present in victim’s system. The best example of a backdoor is something known as the trojan horse or RAT standing for remote administration tool.

Here are just the basic means of hacking someone computer or phone using IP address. Stay around for more update on hacking and other technologies solutions. Remeber to drop your questions in the comment Box below.

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