How to make YouTube merch for free | Earn $200 monthly

How do you add merch to YouTube is now the most popular question people are asking on google. learn everything you need to know about YouTube merch and how much YouTubers make with merch.

Have you ever wished you could support yourself as a YouTuber? Making merchandise is one method to do this. Your channel may sell merchandise in the form of t-shirts, sweatshirts, patches, stickers, and more. You may use the advice in this blog article to develop merch for your YouTube channel.

How to make YouTube merch for free

This blog article will teach you all you need to know about creating a successful merch website, from sizing charts and colour matching to the best types of logos!


What Merch Options are Available

For broadcasters and content producers who want to start generating extra income by selling their products, Stream labs is a one-stop shop. At Stream labs, we are aware that you want your stream to reflect your personality and your values. Because of this, our team has developed a comprehensive method for seamlessly incorporating unique merchandise into live streams.

Printing, shipping, notifications, and customer service are all handled by us. You only need to upload your logo or artistic creation to one of our products to get started. You won’t be charged anything.

Consider upgrading to Stream labs Prime if you are a live broadcaster who is already earning money.

How to Price Your merch Products

How to Price Your merch Products

Consider how much profit you want to generate when setting the price for your items. Although you have total control over your merchandise pricing, strive to keep your audience’s viewpoints in mind. It’s preferable to aim to maximize revenues while keeping your product prices reasonable. Investigate comparable designs and the prices that vendors are asking for them.

In the end, viewers wearing your merchandise will aid in spreading the word about your channel to more people. You might want to think about reducing your costs so that a greater proportion of your readers can afford to purchase them and spread the word about you!

If you wish, think about including Limited Edition merchandise at a higher price point.

How do you sell merch on youtube

We see the most popular YouTube channels marketing in a variety of methods, including the following:

Make merchandise-specific videos

Make sure to advertise your personalized stuff directly in your intros and short films, as well as by wearing it in all of your videos. The easiest strategy to keep your audience informed about your goods is to do this.

Engage your audience in the process

You may create a following for your products with smart gifts or fan shoutouts. A fun approach to achieve this is to request Instagram posts from followers who are wearing your merchandise and mentioning your channel. Success will come if you combine this with a perk like a giveaway or a shout-out.

Link to your merch everywhere

Make sure you publish simple instructions for consumers to purchase your merchandise everywhere. Give your viewers a simple clickable link to your merchandise in your channel description and, for that matter, the bio sections of all of your social media accounts.

You will undoubtedly see sales when you first decide to offer unique merchandise to promote your YouTube channel, but you want this success to last as long as possible. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are excellent ways to augment your YouTube presence. Keep your audience interested and informed about your march at all times by using your channel and other social media.

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How much do YouTubers make with merch?

It’s no secret that a lot of well-known YouTubers are capitalizing on their popularity and are making a killing with their customized merchandise. A YouTuber with 11,000 followers typically sells six items on average each month, bringing in around $70 each month. It’s $840 a year.

How many subscribers do you need to sell merch on YouTube

You must adhere to the following minimum standards to market your items on YouTube: You have had your channel authorized for monetization and reside in a region or nation where the YouTube Partner Program is offered. Your channel is an official artist channel or has more than 1,000 subscribers.

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