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How To mine RENEC Token Free On Your Phone

You won’t be happy if you miss this one great opportunity. Start mining Renec now on the Remitano app. Today I will teach you how to mine Renec token free and everything you need to know about Remitano Network coin.

What is RENEC?

RENEC is an abbreviation for Remitano Network Coin. It is the hallmark of the Remitano network, a blockchain designed to enable fast transactions at a discounted rate, a decentralized fast exchange with effective trust. The release of the RENEC token was announced on June 30, 2021.

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How To mine RENEC Token On Remitano App

To participate in the RENEC mining program, you will need to perform some level of identification, which allows us to prevent spam and ensure a fair distribution of the RENEC token.


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Step1: Download Remitano mobile app and sign up as a user via this link Here

How To mine RENEC Token On Remitano App

Step2: Complete a simple phone number verification

Step3: Login to the app daily to mine RENEC

How To Check My RENEC balance

You can find out how much RENEC you own in one of two ways:

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  • Option 1: From the main menu, select “Mining RENEC” The section “Your RENEC Balance” can be found here.
Where can I see my RENEC balance?
  • Option 2: Go to “Dashboard” > “Wallet” The Remitano Wallet is where all of the coins financed by the trade are stocked, including the Remitano Network Coin, are kept (RENEC).

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How to check my renec balance

When is Remitano Mining Stopping

Remitano Network will cancel this mining system after Remitano Network is launched. Therefore, investors need to take advantage of this period to take part in mining and resist missing this impressive chance.

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