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How to prevent people from adding me to Facebook groups?

How to prevent people from adding me to Facebook groups?

How to prevent people from adding me to Facebook groups?

One of the dumbest ideas ever on Facebook is that friends can automatically add you to groups.

Facebook groups are a great way to communicate and share with people of similar interests, however, some people tend to abuse this feature by adding us to groups that we have no business with.

Until recently, I get added to random Facebook groups I don’t like on a daily basis.


These are groups I know nothing about and haven’t heard of for the first time except when I get a notification that Mr. XYZ has added me to the group.

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So today, I tried to find a way to stop this spammers from adding me to their groups. Yes, I can stop people from re-adding me to their pointless spam groups but it seems Facebook hasn’t figured out yet that they should add a feature to enable users prevent just anybody to adding them to random groups.

Checkout How to prevent people from adding you to Facebook groups

Since there’s no way to pre-stop people from adding you, you have to wait first till you’re added to the group you don’t want and then find the “Leave Group” button at the top left portion of the group homepage.

How to prevent people from adding me to Facebook groups?

You don’t want anybody re-adding you to the group in the future so you have to tick the “Prevent other members from adding you to this group again” checkbox and click “Leave Group”.

Go to your notifications and find the name of the Facebook user who added you to the group and unfriend and or block the person. This step is really important because if you keep connection with the person, he/she might add you to another spammy Facebook group in the future; so to prevent this, you have to keep the spammer off your friend list to be safe.


We haven’t figured out a way to completely get Facebook to always notify us and seek for permission before someone could add us to any group but the solution proffered above reduced people adding me to random groups to about 10%. I believe we have solve your problem, stay close for more Facebook tricks here.

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