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How To Register On Videomine Technology | $20 Daily Income

register on videomine

Are you looking for a legit online money-making platform to generate capital for yourself, Videomine technology is a good way to start to be earning $10 daily without much stress. Learn how to register on videomine by following the steps below.

Earning on video mine comes in two ways which are building communities and getting paid, and also making money through affiliate system by referring people through your link.

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How To Register On Videomine Technology

1. You get a whopping sum of N1000 as a Registration bonus when you’ve completed your registration.

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2. You earn by entertaining yourself (watching videos on the website).

You earn when you watch videos on the website. You earn N150 on each video you watch on the platform. (For those that’ll complain about the videos consuming their data, you don’t need to watch the videos, you can just click on it and go back)

3. You earn by Sharing videos to your social media accounts

You earn when you share videos from the platform to your social media accounts. You earn N200 for every video you share with your social media accounts.

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4. You earn by logging in daily on the platform.

You earn on your daily visit to the platform. You earn N100 when you visit the platform each day.

5. You earn by referring others to the platform.

You earn when you invite people to the platform. You earn N1400 on each successful referral.

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How To withdraw from Videomine Technology

Videomine technology withdrawal comes into ways, which includes the following:

1. Affiliate earners (Referral Earners) are entitled to Withdrawal 2 times weekly which are Sundays and Wednesdays (8 am to 10 am).

They are entitled to withdraw both Their referral earnings and Activities earnings together. Minimum of 1,000

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2. Non Affiliate earners(Non-Referral Earners) are entitled to Withdrawal once every month which is on the 25th of every month and they’ll be paid
Minimum of 15k point

Videomine Sign up

To sign up on videomine technology. Click here to register as an affiliate and earn passive income.

Hope you got value, remember to share with others on how to register on videomine technology.

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  2. Don’t really understand this videomine of a thing
    I own vm point of 22800 but couldn’t withdraw
    It’s all scam

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