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How To Tag Someone In A LinkedIn Post (Easy Guide)

How To Tag Someone In A LinkedIn Post

With the latest LinkedIn algorithm updates. Tagging someone on LinkedIn is simply you mentioning the person and him to your post through hashtags. Learn how to tag someone in a LinkedIn post effectively.

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However, mentioning a connection on LinkedIn or other members enables engagement with your posts and comments.


Any connections mentioned getting notified about the post or comment. A post or comment is associated with a connection’s or other member’s profile.

How To Tag Someone On LinkedIn

Check out this strategy on how to tag someone in a LinkedIn post following the steps below.

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1. from your LinkedIn home page start a fresh post or comment.

2. Type the @ symbol where you want to mention a person or company. A drop-down list should appear right away.

The people in the list can consist of people inside and outside of your connections.

How To Tag Someone In A LinkedIn Post

3) Once you’ve sent out the post or comment, the person you mentioned in your post or comment will receive a notification about it unless they have notifications turned off.

It’s as simple as that. It’s also worth noting that LinkedIn allows its users to toggle off mentions or tags.

So if the person you intend on mentioning in your post or comment doesn’t show up in the drop-down list, it means they have that feature turned off under the Visibility tab in LinkedIn Settings & Privacy.

How To Tag Someone In A LinkedIn Post online
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To optimize tagging on LinkedIn, here are some best practices for you.

Tagging: Best Practices

1) Tag a person only once per post or comment thread.

2) Avoid tagging someone who has already been tagged previously by somebody else within the same discussion thread.

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3) Relevance is key. Whether you’re tagging someone you know personally or someone you have yet to connect with, make sure the post or comment you’re making is relevant to the person you’re tagging.

4) According to LinkedIn, you can tag up to 30 people on a photo. But, again, do remember that you want to tag people in moderation. Otherwise, you could be reported as spam.

How To Tagging Company on LinkedIn

1. When you tag a company or organization on LinkedIn, it is a way of showing them your appreciation. Tagging a company helps spread the word about their accomplishment.

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It’s also important when building social networks and relationships with other people in the industry that are worth knowing.

2. You want to credit the organization with the idea in your post. For instance, you’ve received some insight from one of the people you are connected with on LinkedIn.

Tagging them would provide an acknowledgment that they were the source of your idea.

3. You have a question that someone in your network might be able to answer. If applicable, you could even direct the inquiry to someone you know would have an answer but have yet to connect with you.

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Tagging others alerts them about the post with a related hashtag you’re making; it allows them to provide their input on it. In short, tagging someone for their advice on LinkedIn can be the conversation starter you need to strengthen an existing relationship or form a new one.


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