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How to use DAPP BROWSER On Trust wallet

Hello guys, Welcome to 6method crypto hub. As we all know the safety of your coins and token is attached to some digital wallets. We will discuss today How to use DAPP BROWSER On Trust wallet and Tronlink Pro.

How to use DAPP BROWSER On Trust wallet

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet is one of the world’s secure digital wallets where you store your crypto. It can also serve the purpose of trading and swapping tokens. As we all know, smart contract is booming.

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We can use Trust wallet for Ethereum smart contracts. That is our topic on this video. The first wallet we will talk about is Tronlink Pro. If you have set up in Tronlink Pro already, this is what you will see.

How to use DAPP BROWSER On Tronlink

Tronlink Pro is used in TRX or Tron smart contracts. This is very simple.

  • Just go to Me if you’re going to paste a link for DAPP browsers
  • Go to Me then to Advanced Features, You will see the DAPP browser
  • Click DAPP browser.
  • Then here, enter the web link. Let’s try this.

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Just to give you an example. As you can see here, it says’ “Please enter a web link.” Just to give you an example.. This is where we will paste the DAPP browser link. Why do we need to use DAPP browser? Because in smart contracts, your wallet must be linked directly to the website that is why we are using DAPP browser.

We use this in smart contracts to earn extra income online. It can also be opened in Google Chrome but it will not be linked to your wallet That is why we need DAPP browsers. After that, click the arrow to be routed on the page.

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Then you will be routed to the website. This is an example using Tronlink Pro. It’s very fast and easy. Just follow those steps if you are using Tron smart contracts If you want to go back, just slide to the right.

Click Assets. It’s very fast, right? Let us try Trust wallet. I will also give you an example using Trust wallet. Maybe you are planning to join some upcoming and ongoing smart contracts, this is what you will do.

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Because the transactions here in the website is direct to your wallet. Let’s go to our Trust wallet. Previously, I have joined some smart contracts in TRX but they all ended already. Now, I’m waiting for another smart contract in TRX, because TRX has low transaction fees, below ₱5.

So, it’s really good to join smart contracts in TRX. However, you need to be careful. The smart contracts that you plan to join must be verified. I will join another one later but it hasn’t launched yet so I will just share it to you later.

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How To Use DAPP BROWSER On Trust wallet

  • Now, we are in my Trust wallet.
  • This is very simple.
  • You just have to click on this icon below
  • Then paste your link here.
  • I will paste a link (of the website) where I joined. There it is.
  • Then click Go.

So, this is the smart contract that I am currently joining. If you want to join EtherChain, I will just put the link in the description box. After you pasted the link and clicked Go, you will be routed to their website.

This is EtherChain. Here’s the statistics of EtherChain. Then, how to join? They have a tutorial here. In case you want to join this, these are the amount to invest. Minimum is 0.1 ETH.

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Aside from 0.1 Ethereum, You will also pay for the network fee. Network fee of Ethereum is kind of high, about ₱150. In trx it’s just about ₱5. This is its current statistics. This is the smart contract address.

This is the total ETH deposits. This is the smart contract balance— 16,126 ETH Total withdrawn Amount in the daily pool Below is my personally statistics. My address. My next income is in 8 hours and 7 minutes Income limit here is 310% So when you reach 310% you will go back to zero then you have to invest again, Because the limit is 310%.

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This is my income as of the moment, 0.0320 ETH. I haven’t withdrawn this yet because ETH has high transaction fees. I will just withdraw all at once to maximize the transaction fee. Referral income is 10% You will see here my unwithdrawn amount is 0.

0420 ETH. I will not withdraw this yet because, as I have said, I will do it all at once. I still have a balance so it is still fine in there anyway. This is your invitation link if you want to invite.

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That’s it. It’s very easy to put link in DAPP browsers. If you want to try this, it is in the video description. That’s how simple it is. If you will go back to your wallet, just click this icon again and then this shield icon.

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Then you will be back in your wallet. That’s how simple to put links in your DAPP browsers. That’s it. It’s very simple. You can use this if you want to try some smart contracts to earn extra income online.

I hope you got very article on how to use DAPP BROWSER On trust wallet. Remember to share.

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