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Important Facts About Dance Pole Installation

Important facts about dance pole installation

dance pole installation

This is a new and improved method of dance pole installation and the best possible way to install in your home without casualties. Using the pole dance installation manual given to you in the time of delivery.

With a lot of questions popping up from our stripper pole users has lead us to improve the ideas of dance pole installation video.

Important Question to ask before going for Dance Pole installation

  1. Am I comfortable enough to train on my own?
  2. Will I actually put my ass into it and do it?
  3. Will I be disciplined enough and careful enough?

Watch installation of dance pole


Dance Pole bearing and base were one piece. We have recently updated the base so that the bearing ring and base can now come apart into three separate pieces.

This has increased the longevity of the dance pole base and ease of spinning.

Also, if there is an issue due to normal wear and tear and your bearings need to be replaced it is now much easier and cheaper to just replace the bearing instead of the whole base.

Checkout Dance Pole Installation Instructions

Installing a dance pole can be problematic, especially to those who are just renting their place.

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Fitting a permanent dance pole may leave a circular imprint on your popcorn ceiling. This should not surprise you since you’ll be putting pressure on both the floor and ceiling to ensure the pole is sturdy.

dance pole installation

1. Once you’ve found the joists, use a pencil to mark that spot with a line depending on the direction the joists go in. My friend and I did it vertically because my joists were disposed vertically underneath the ceiling. Remember you need a bit of space to do spins and tricks without falling on your couch or table.

2. Measure a circle with a diameter of about 3000 – 3500mm (120” – 138”) and put your pole in the centre of the circle. X-Pole recommend to place a chair beneath the location where you have identified your joist or to imagine a fully assembled pole beneath this spot.

3. Then fully stretch both your arms and place one hand on the chair/imaginary pole and walk around it in a circle. If while rotating around the chair/imaginary pole you don’t hit or touch anything else in the room, it means you have the ideal spot that will let you fully extend your arms and legs when using the pole.

The Above tips and instructions are the best easy way of installing a pole dance in your home.

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