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Intech Ads Beginner Guide | Approval Tips | Payout Details

Intech Ads Beginner Guide | Approval Tips | Payout Details

Hello guys, welcome to 6method Intech Ads review, as thousands of websites are been build daily many ads companies are also queuing into the web to explore advertising purposes. Let’s take a look at Intechads agency. Firstly


Intech Ads is an online marketplace where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will in turn return traffic to the advertisers.

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The advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using Intech ads advertisers account. Publishers need to generate ad codes of desired dimension using Intech Ads publisher’s account. Ads selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated platform.

Is Intech Ads Legit or Fake?

Intech Ads is a subsidiary of a reputable Nigerian tech company INTECHNG with highly capable and experienced personnel to give users a safe and smooth usage of the platform without any hitch whatsoever.

Over the years one of the biggest challenges of being an advertiser, a blogger, or a publisher is finding a trustworthy ad network. Intech Ads is a network that shows quality ads and also pays well over time.

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However, it takes a lot of hits and trials to find a trustworthy ad network to serve ads on the blog. A reliable ads network serves both the advertisers and publishers equally and takes a commission for the service.

To ease the pain of hunting for a reliable ad network for your blog, I keep testing new networks to find good ad platforms for bloggers, and Intech Ads is my recommendation.

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In this review of Intech Ads, I would love to let you know it’s one of the most popular and fastest-growing ad networks among advertisers bloggers, and publishers who are known for timely payouts.

Intech Ads provides a highly sophisticated online platform for advertisers and publishers of all sizes and targeting options such as; (keyword targeting, Geo-targeting category targeting, device targeting, os targeting, browser targeting) to meet up and exchange advertisements and traffic in a mutually beneficial manner.

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Intech Text Ads And Banner Size

A text ad is the simplest online ad format they can offer. It has four parts: title, description, display URL, and click URL title is likely to be the most noticed part of your ad, hence include the most relevant keywords in your title.

Always use the description to add details about your product or services. The display url is used to give a better sense about the ad destination.

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With the possibility of frequent format changes, very few restrictions and no spending for the development of graphical ad formats, text ads are a pure, yet effective option to advertise across the Internet.

Banner advertising for all standard size

People always say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This is why advertisers might want to consider using banner ads. Banners have to be eye-catching enough to draw the attention of the visitors.

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They supports all industry-standard banner dimensions. the banner ad has two parts graphical image and the click url. The image allows you to catch people’s attention and provide better retention rate.

Text + image Ads

Text + Image ads allow you to create text and image together in a single ad. It is also referred to as Facebook style ads. Images used in this ad format are generally smaller in dimension than normal banner ads. This will ensure higher content richness than the normal text ads and at the same time provide equal focus on both text part and image part of the ad.

Text + Image combine all parts of text ad and banner ad and hence it has five parts: title, description, display url, click url and image.

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Ecommerce Ads

These ads are unique ad format for advertisers who have e-commerce sites or classifieds/directory sites. This ads also provide highly flexible display layouts which can display text+image, text only or image only ads.

How to get Intech Ads Approval: A Beginners Guide

How to get Intech Ads Approval: A Beginners Guide

The interface is easy to use, even for a newbie. However, dont underestimate its simplicity, for what you get inside the dashboard is powerful enough to help you generate the money you deserve from your blog.

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Go ahead and register for an account via ( Once you have registered your account will be automatically approved and activated.
It is important for you to know various kinds of ads on offered so that you can pick the right ad type and make maximum money. In the section below, I have outlined the different ad types and their essential pointers. Take a look.

High Intech Ads Performing Ads

Pop under ads:

The type of ads that pop in another window behind your original website. Such ads are common on viral websites or used by people who drive paid traffic to their website.

Intech Ads has also developed an anti-adblocking technology, and to mitigate the risk of Adblocker.

How much is Intech Ads Minimum payout and supported payment options?

Minimum payout should always be one of the deciding factors while picking an ad network. You dont want to be stuck with money in your account and not be able to cash out due to high minimum payout. With Intech Ads , you dont have to worry about it considering the payout ranges from NGN400 NGN1500 for publishers.
Intech -payment-options

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Also, I hope they add the Bitcoin withdrawal option sometime soon, a feature many other ad networks have already started offering.

Currently, Intech Ads supports payment using the following methods:

Bank transfer

Intech Ads pays publishers up to NGN400 for CPM, while N 1000 NGN1500 for CPC.

Often I keep hunting for high-quality ad networks which work and help us generate revenue. I also test out new ad networks simply out of curiosity. I have been testing Intech Ads for a while, and I must say this is an ad network you can use without any issue.

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However, you need to be smart when it comes to placing the ads. Some of the ad types like pop-unders generate great revenue but also hinder user experience in the process.

For certain kinds of websites, such ads may be useful, but for a content-rich website, it is hazardous. You should test out different advertisement options and see which one works best for you.

Sign up for Intech Ads (

Can I use Intech Ads with Google Adsense?

Yes, you can always use Intech Ads with AdSense. According to Google policies, You are allowed to place up to 3 pop-ads on a page where AdSense is displayed.
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