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iPhone xr price in nigeria uk used 2023 Overview

If you’re in Nigeria and looking to purchase an iPhone XR, you may want to consider buying a UK used device. This can be a cost-effective option that allows you to get a high-quality iPhone at a lower price than a brand-new device. In this post, we’ll take a look at the current price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria and how buying a UK used phone could save you money in 2023.

Price Of iPhone XR In Nigeria 2022

iphone xr price in Nigeria
If you are wondering: “how much is iPhone XR in Nigeria?” Hang on tight as we got you covered.iPhone XR 124GB price in Nigeria as of October 2022 is ₦ 2489,900. It is a product from the iPhone brand that is available in SLOT stores, Jiji, Konga, and Jumia. iPhone XR 64GB price in Nigeria as of October 2022 is ₦ 209,850. The iPhone XR 64GB model is available on Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. However, the best place to make a purchase for this smartphone is on Jumia because of their delivery logistics.It is important to note that the price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria is susceptible to fluctuations based on the Dollar Naira exchange rate.iPhone XR price in Nigeria is different from the UK-used iPhone XR price in Nigeria. This is because the UK-used iPhone XR price in Nigeria is lower than that of the original ones. The UK used smartphones well in the Nigerian market because they have a large customer base. The UK-used iPhone XR is a second-hand iPhone that is brought into Nigeria by mega or mini importers and then circulated across retail stores.

How much is iPhone xr?

The price of a UK-used iPhone XR in Nigeria is ₦155,000. Your budget for a UK-used iPhone XR in Nigeria should be half the price of the original one. Worth noting is that the best place to buy your UK-used iPhone XR are or These aforementioned popular stores in Nigeria were built to allow Nigerians to buy second-hand items from their fellow Nigerians. On and, Nigerians with London-used iPhone XR can connect with those in need of it, and make their sales.

iPhone XR Specifications That Makes The Smartphone Buyer Worthy In Nigeria 

For iPhone XR to be a much-desired Apple Product amongst Nigerian users, there has to be something about its features and specifications. This is what subsequent paragraphs are bent on covering. In this specifications guide, we will cover the iPhone XR battery capacity, whether or not the smartphone is water resistant, the camera quality of iPhone XR, and lots more.

iPhone XR Battery Capacity

The iPhone XR has a battery capacity of 2942 mAh. While this is not the largest battery capacity among the iPhones, it is still quite substantial and provides a significant amount of usage time.The benefits of the iPhone XR’s battery capacity over other iPhones include:
  1. Longer battery life: With a larger battery capacity, the iPhone XR can provide longer usage times between charges. This can be especially beneficial for heavy users who need their phones to last throughout the day without having to charge them.
  2. Faster charging: While the iPhone XR does not support fast charging out of the box, it does support fast charging with a compatible charger. With a larger battery capacity, the iPhone XR can take advantage of fast charging to get a quick boost in battery life.
  3. Better performance: A larger battery capacity can help improve the overall performance of the iPhone XR. This is because a larger battery can provide more consistent power to the phone’s processor, allowing it to run more smoothly and efficiently.

iPhone XR Camera  

A lot of Nigerians might be wondering- “does the quality of the camera justify the price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria?”. Well, the short answer is yes. The iPhone XR features a single rear camera with a 12-megapixel sensor and a wide-angle lens. Here are some things you should know about the camera:
  1. Portrait mode: The iPhone XR’s camera has a portrait mode that can blur the background of your photos, making your subject stand out. This mode works even with just one camera and doesn’t require a second lens like other iPhones.
  2. Smart HDR: The iPhone XR uses Smart HDR to automatically adjust the exposure and white balance of your photos. This helps to capture more detail in the highlights and shadows of your images, resulting in a more balanced photo.
  3. Depth control: With the iPhone XR’s camera, you can adjust the depth of field after taking a photo, allowing you to change the amount of background blur in your portrait shots.
  4. Optical image stabilization: The iPhone XR’s camera has optical image stabilization, which helps to reduce camera shake and improve the sharpness of your photos. This can be especially useful in low-light situations where a longer exposure time is required.
  5. Video recording: The iPhone XR can record 4K video at 60 frames per second, as well as 1080p slow-motion video at 120 frames per second. It also has stereo recording and a built-in microphone that helps to capture better sound quality.

List of Other iPhone XR Specs 

Operating SystemiOS 12, which can be upgraded to iOS 16.0.2
Chipset Of the iPhone XRApple A12 Bionic (7 nm)
CPU of iPhone XRHexa-core (2×2.5 GHz Vortex + 4×1.6 GHz Tempest)
GPU of iPhone XRApple GPU (4-core graphics)
Network Connectivity of iPhone XRGSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE
Display of iPhone XR6.1 inches, 90.3 cm2 (~79.0% screen-to-body ratio)
Built in storage of iPhone XR64GB / 128GB / 256GB

Is iPhone XR waterproof?

According to “The Verge”, iPhone XR is water resistant and dust resistant. The iPhone XR is said to have an IP67 certification. Which is an index that asserts that the iPhone XR can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes.IP67 shows that the iPhone XR is resistant to water splashes, spills, and brief submersion. However, despite iPhone XR being water resistant, its warranty does not cover water damage. This is why you should avoid any form of experimentation with the Apple product. The benchmark for measuring water resistance in the world of smartphones is the IP68 index and not IP67. With the IP68 index, a smartphone can withstand prolonged exposure to water.

Can iPhone XR take pictures underwater?

No, the iPhone XR is not designed to take pictures underwater, even though it is water-resistant. While it can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage, Apple specifically advises against taking photos or videos while the device is submerged.The reason for this is that the water pressure and distortion caused by water can affect the operation of the touch screen and buttons, potentially causing the camera app to malfunction or the phone to shut down.

What Is The Best Place To Order For An iPhone XR?

Jumia is the best place to currently order your iPhone XR in 2022. The reason for this is that they have a favorable return policy, and have their pickup locations littered all over the 36 states of Nigeria.Join Our Social Media Community


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