Life OF A First Female Child

Life of A First Female Child

Nigeria Young Writer Muna Chimso release her literal work Life of a first feme child the young writter writes About all it takes to be an Africa First Female child. Muna Expressed her feeling through her literally work which She titled Life of a first female child.

Life of A First Female Child

This literally Work talks about all the struggle of first female child pass through especially in the help in up bringing of her younger Ones, the Decency she need to keep and also setting a perfect examples to the younger ones. The literally work also explains the issue of suitors and the challenges first female child overcome in making the right decision in other to set examples to other young ones not minding the pressures That is involved.


Life of A First Female Child

Being a first female child costs a lot, everybody expects you to be a saint. You have these huge responsibilities way before you were born. You’re to take care of your siblings, your parents, and every other person who needs help in the family. If you can’t get a job you get a Rich husband. You don’t do boyfriends…. “They’re bad for you”. “They’ll ruin your life”. “They’ll only get you pregnant and run”. Yet, they expect you to get married. You should learn how to cook too…. Like really well. Like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… Bla bla bla. Sometimes these responsibilities get too much you fall out… Your younger sister gets married before you and you’re expected to serve food at the wedding. That’s okay, you might see a suitor there. A suitor comes, he doesn’t have much but you say yes because you like him and you want marriage. Your people brings list, money money, money…..”It’s tradition. You’re the first child”, they say. The suitor runs.. He ain’t have that kind of money. That’s okay again…. Another would come. You turn 30…..your third sister follows…… You’re heart broken. But that’s okay, a man would come. He comes… Eventually…. He loves you, you love him. He is all you ever wanted….. Time passes…… You’re pregnant. You just broke the number one rule. You can’t explain it…. He hasn’t even proposed. He wants you to keep the baby….. Thank Jesus…… He’s not thinking of marriage. And you sit and think about your life….. You’re crying. But that’s okay, “it’s tradition”.


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