List of Sportsmen With The Wakanda Salute

List of Sportsmen With The Wakanda Salute

As the world mourn the death of popular movie icon Chadwick Boseman, here are list of notable sportsmen with the Wakanda Salute.

Popular Sportsmen with the wakanda salute has been surfacing on social media after the death of the star actor Chadwick Boseman on saturday.

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The Wakanda actor gave up after a long protracted battle with stage iv colon cancer.

Some notable Sportsmen have been pictures With The Wakanda Salute since the announcement of Boseman demise.

Checkout list of Sportsmen With The Wakanda Salute


The Arsenal striker and captain has been a big fan of the Wakanda actor Chadwick right from his early days German with Borussia Dortmund.

Notable Sportsmen With The Wakanda Salute

Arsenal Captain Aubameyang with the Wakanda Salute

Aubameyang is arguably Chadwick best know sportsman because the gunners striker always mimick the statue while Celebrating his goal.

Aubameyang , recently paid a tribute and dedicated his community shield victory with Arsenal to late Chadwick Boseman in the game against Liverpool

Chadwick Boseman

LeBron James

The NBA starman James also paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman with the Wakanda Salute .

Sportsmen With The Wakanda Salute

LeBron James with the Wakanda Salute

James who said it’s been a difficult year for him , losing Kobe Bryant and now Chadwick Boseman .

Meanwhile Another notable Sportsman with the Wakanda Salute is formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton

The formula 1 champion , paid tribute to Chadwick with the Wakanda Salute in Belgium.

Wakanda Salute

Lewis Hamilton with the Wakanda Salute

Hamilton was amoung the notable Sportsmen to pay tribute to Chadwick.

Next on the list is Manchester United and french midfielder Paul Pogba


Paul Pogba 

The Midfield mastro is also a big fan of late Chadwick Boseman as he do mimick the Wakanda Salute in his goal celebrations.

Pogba who mimick Chadwick Boseman salute most times when he finds the back of the net.

Sportsmen With The Wakanda Salute

Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard with the Wakanda Salute goal Celebration.


Kudus Mohammed

Another sportsman who have been pictured with the Wakanda Salute is Ghana  international youngster who plays for Ajax Amsterdam in the  eredivisie.

Chadwick Boseman salute

Kudus Mohammed with the famous Salute

Kudus paid tribute with the Wakanda Salute after finding the back of the net for new club Ajax Amsterdam .

Chadwick Boseman will always be remembered for impacting and inspiring young black  men and women around the world.

The above are list of sportsmen with wakanda salute and are mostly the fans of late Chadwick Boseman. Share


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