States with confirmed cases of covid-19 Virus in Nigeria

According to NCDC report on 7th April Nigeria now has 276 confirmed cases of the coronavirus after 16 new cases were confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) late Tuesday Night

list of state in Nigeria with confirmed cases of covid-19 in Nigeria

Virus and For the first time, the disease showed up in the country’s south-east as two cases were confirmed in Enugu state.
Also Lagos State, which has been described as the country’s hotspot, added eight cases, bringing the state’s total caseload to 136 which is the highest number of cases in one state before Abuja which have 50 cases.
Another One other case was recorded in Edo State yesterday.

list of states with confirmed cases of covid-19 in Nigeria

Lagos 145

Abuja 54

Edo 11

Kaduna 5

Ogun 4

Oyo 11
Enugu 2
Bauchi 8
Ekiti 2
Rivers 2
Osun 20

Benue 2

Delta 1

Katisina 1

Kwara 2

The NCDC had reported the discovery of five new cases, three in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and two in Oyo state. Following the Nation Lockdown here are some exercises to help keep your body fit And also keep your day fun But the last announcement on Tuesday further strengthens Lagos’ status as the country’s hotspot.

In total, 16 new cases were confirmed on Friday. And Another case was confirm in Benue state and Kaduna also on saturday 28, march 2020.

Accordind to world health organisation (WHO) Cases that involve travellers who have been infected in a foreign country and have then returned to their home country, or who have been infected by that traveller, known as the “index case”, do not count towards declaring a pandemic here are 8 symptoms of coronavirus you need to know In other to keep your family safe. There needs to be a second wave of infection from person to person throughout the community.
Once a pandemic is declared, it becomes more likely that community spread (local infection) will eventually happen, and governments and health systems need to ensure they are prepared for this development.

The shift by the WHO was not totally unexpected, actually, it had long been awaited. There had been numerous calls in various circles for the declaration for weeks.

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