Watch Video As Little Girl Shades Buhari’s Government

Little Girl Shades Buhari's

Reaction as a lttle girl shades Buhari’s  Government, she dramatized and highlighted the problems facing Nigeria as a Nation in a heartwarming and viral video, while noting that citizens are hungry and need urgent help.

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In the now viral video now making rounds allover social media, a little girl dressed in a green-white-green attire presented herself as Nigeria.

She first of all mentioned all the good things Nigeria is known for, such as; being the most populous black nation in the world and being blessed with natural, human and capital resources needed to push the country forward.

However, after listing all the goodies of the Nation, the intelligent girl then proceeded to highlight the various problems being faced by Nigerians which according to her are caused by bad leadership.

“I am Nigeria, I have all these but I am hungry and I need help”, she said as she began hammering on the ills of the nation and preferring possible solutions to some of them.

Watch heartwarming video below;



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