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Lumi – The New Digital And Physical Currency

Lumi - The New Digital And Physical

Hello, guys welcome to 6method crypto hub. As we know that cryptocurrency is number 1 digital currency tipped to take over the world in no time. So let’s talk about Lumi.

What is this LUMI currency?

LUMI is the official currency of the 6th Region of the African Diaspora Economic Union. Issued by the Central Bank of the African Diaspora (ADCB) and the financial institutions of the Member States. In January 2021, he joined the African Financial Regulation Commission (AFRA) as the legal instrument for continental Africa.

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Why is the coin called LUMI?

The name Lumi comes from the word Light, which symbolizes the Sun (Ra). The coin is supported by solar energy and gold. Solar energy is the best source of energy for economic development and environmental protection in Africa.

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Is this a physical value?

Yes, it is a physical currency, but also a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

What is digital currency?

It is an electronic representation of money received from digital currency, the Internet, and other electronic mechanisms.

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How do I handle this digital currency?

You need to sign up with a digital wallet to receive and send digital currency.

What is the LUMI stimulus?

ECO-6 provides an economic LUMI incentive for the portfolio for 3 years ($1,200 per year) directly to $100 per month (equivalent to 6.26 LUMI).

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Who will receive this incentive?

This is an incentive to stimulate socio-economic growth. All Africans in the diaspora and all Africans over the age of 18 will receive this money. It is a pan-African incentive to support economic development between all African kingdoms, nations and territories, and the diaspora.

This is a cryptocurrency and what supports this currency?

This is not a cryptocurrency. The River is powered by 100KWh of solar energy and can be converted into 4 pieces of gold. 4 gold coins weigh 0.2592 grams. The current value for 1 LUMI is $15.96.

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How much will this incentive be paid for?

The first number of funds: October 28, 2020. The last number will be October 28, 2023.

Where can I use this coin?

We will encourage the African diaspora and African businesses and traders to accept LUMI in exchange for goods and services worldwide and thus create our global economy and economic sovereignty.

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