Meet Rich Humphreys, The 6-Month-Old Baby That Breaks World Record

Rich Humphreys

Reaction as Rich Humphreys was filmed by his parents gliding across Lake Powell in southern Utah.

Aged just six months and four days, he has beaten the world record by 23 days.
With his feet strapped safely to the wooden board, little Rich clung onto a metal bar as he was pulled along the lake by boat.

In the video, his dad Casey appears in another boat alongside the tot as he glides through the water.

Uploading the video onto the youngster’s Instagram page, Rich’s mum, Mindi wrote: “I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. “Apparently that’s a big deal…#worldrecord.”

Rich Humphreys

Dad Casey also shared the clip, saying: “Six months four days. “Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life! Such a little stud.”

The title of world’s youngest water skier has been held by Zyla St Onge, who rode along Lake Silver in Florida in May 2016, aged six months and 27 days.

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