There have been a bunch of questions on how to buy Miami Coin so I figured I’d make a quick and easy guide. Mods feel free to pin thread to the top so new investors can find this easily!

How To Buy Miami Coin (Easy Guide)

Step 1 – Sign up for OkCoin

The only Exchange as of the writing of this (9/24/21) to purchase Miami Coin on is OkCoin.

OkCoin allows you to purchase Miami Coin AND stack it for 430$ APY in 115-day cycles. It’s a huge win/win.

To sign up using this referral link and we will both earn $50 when you purchase $100 in any crypto:

Step 2 ‐ Deposit USD

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Once you sign up for OkCoin make sure all your identity verification is complete and safety verification and passwords are set. (Email, Phone, Google Authentication). Next, you’ll need to get funds. Either send crypto from another wallet or exchange or connect your bank.

Note – You will only be able to deposit $500/day until you verify Identity (Lvl 2).

Step 3 – Purchase MIA Coin

Once you have funds within OkCoin you can purchase Mia Coin!

Simply hit the “Buy Crypto” button and the elect amount and Miami Coin out go to the “Trade” tab and search MIA and set some limits!

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Step 4 – Earn 430% APY

This is the very very attractive part of Mia coin right now! When you “stack” or stake your Miami Coin for every 15 days you will earn 430% APY rewards paid out daily in STX.

Hope you got value? Please remember to share this strategy with others.