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MOOB Token Airdrop: How To Claim 55,000 Moob Token

MOOB Token Airdrop

Welcome to 6method airdrop hub, check out how to participate in MOOB token airdrop and earn 55,000 moob tokens by performing a simple task.

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Moob Token (MOOB)

Moob means Multivendor Optimized Organization on the Blockchain. Moob DAO is a decentralized reserve currency protocol based on the Moob token.


Our protocol provides a way to diversify portfolios, lower volatility, and outperform the traditional financial system.

Moob Token Airdrop

Airdrop will end on June 30 and distribution begins after IDO/Presale in June. In addition, the top 25 referrers will each get a double airdrop reward.

Click the “Join Airdrop” button to proceed…

We want Moob Financial DAO to become the strongest DAO project ever. How can we make this possible? With YOUR HELP. We need the most motivated people to be part of our community and we want to reward YOU!

To have access to the Presale, you will need to help us spread the word about the project and be involved in our community.

Requirements for Moob Token Presale

‼️Join Discord:

1) Invite 10 people to the Discord server
(you can check your invite count by typing /invites in rank-check )

We have a dedicated team that will regularly check for the authenticity of accounts, and our system will kick out all bots.

2) Interact with the community on the server and reach LEVEL 7
You can type rank-check to check your rank

3) Post a tweet about the project and mention us @Moob_Financial

To increase your chances of being added to the Presale, do the following:

✅ Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and other social account official-links

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✅ Tweet about our project and retweet our latest Tweet regularly

✅ Invite more people to the Discord server (All bots or inactive accounts will be removed)

✅ Boost the server

✅ Participate in twitter-raids, memes, suggestions

If you tick all the boxes, please open a support-ticket ticket and send us all proofs for the @Presale role!

Please be aware that the spots are limited.

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Therefore, the team is going to handpick the most worthy to join our presale list.

Latest Airdrop:

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