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MOONADS Airdrop: How To Claim 10,000 Moonads

MOONADS Airdrop: How To Claim 10,000 Moonads

MoonAds Airdrop

It’s another great opportunity to get thousands of Moonads Airdrop without much stress. For those who are find It very difficult to participate in this quick reward, all your questions will be solved here.

How to Claim Your 10,000 MoonAds Airdrop Reward

1. First Copy The Link Below And Use In Trust Wallet DApp


2. Then click search, chose Smart Chain Network at the right top of your DApp.

[quads id=8]

3. Then Add Custom Token Details
Contract Address below.



Symbol : MOONADS

Decimals : 9

[quads id=2]

3. Then click connect to complete the process.

After the above procedures go back to your Wallet and search MoonAds. That’s where you will see your 10,000 rewards.

Moonads will be listing on PNKSW Soon, so make sure you acquire enough you can before it’s value increases.

Stay close for more promo coming soon.

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