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N-power Batch C News For Physical Verification

N-power Batch C News For Physical Verification

N-power Batch C News and Permanency bill

Welcome to today’s latest news on N-power batch C physical verification, permanence bill and it’s closure date.

First what is N-power Physical verification and Permanency bill ? this is a stage is the process of physically verifying the Age, Gender, Residential Address, Local Government Area, Academic Qualification, and NYSC (for graduate category) completion of N-Power Batch C applicants.

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N-power Batch C Physical Verification

Please there is a news in circulation that some N-Power Batch C applicants in Benue State were told to pay ₦100 for physical verification, please this information is not true.

N-power Verification officers will not charge any N-Power Batch C applicant any sum for physical verification, as physical verification is free of charge.

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As we speak the N-power batch C physical verification is yet to commence, please N-Power Batch C applicants should not become a prey to these fraudster.

Physical Verification Guidelines And Permanency bill

N-power Closure Date

1. An N-Power Batch C applicant should not pay money for anything to anyone. The N-Power Physical Verification exercise is totally free.

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2. All N-Power Batch C applicants that were shortlisted are expected to partake in this N-Power physical verification exercise.

3. All N-Power Batch C applicants are to follow instructions at their centers. If the instructions at your centers conflict with anything we have posted here, the information posted here supersedes.

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4. All N-Power Batch C applicants should be orderly and be courteous.

When is N-power Closure Date ?

The N-power Closure Date 2021 is yet to be announced by the Federal government. The re-opening of Npower portal is to allow new 500,000 Nigerians to be part of Batch C.

Npower announced the extension on the batch c online application form the second week of March 2021, so the application closing date is going to be six weeks from that date.

N-Power Permanency Bill News For Batch C

The permanency bill will likely be passed into effect soon but we are not sure if it will affect the Batch A and B recruits because time is already up and they have exited the program already.

What we are sure of is that the Federal Government is making provision for them to be employed in good agencies with great working conditions.

This means that all the exited n-power workers will have permanent jobs or will receive grants or support to start a business of their own depending on the category of the program you served in.

Hope this well arranged reports answered your questions and observation concerning N-power physical verification, permanency bill, and N-power closure date. Stay close for more updates and breaking news.

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