Nengi Reveal why She Didn’t Sleep With A Man In BBNaija House

Nengi Reveal why She Didn’t Sleep

Big Brother Naija finalist, Rebecca Nengi Nengi Hampson reveal why shee didn’t sleep with any Guy in the lockdown house.

Speaking in an interview, Nengi revealed that she had her reason for not sleeping on any man’s bed regardless of their closeness.

The former beauty queen who hails from Bayelsa State stated that although she was very close to some of the guys in the lockdown house like Ozo, she set boundaries right from the start of the reality show and according to her, she wanted too correct a misconception many had about her.

The housemates felt I wanted every guy and that is crazy. How could I want every guy and still not be with anybody in the house? I never slept on any man’s bed. Even as close as me and Ozo were, I still tried to set a boundary. I could play with people but for me, there would always be boundaries and nobody can cross them.

However, people took it the wrong way. They felt since I played with the guys, I must have wanted them. That was the biggest misconception people had about me. As a matter of fact, that was one of the reasons I went for Big Brother in the first place. I wanted to correct the misconception that I was just a fine face. And I feel I corrected that notion,”

“We are from two totally different backgrounds and that was it for me. I also knew he would always accept me for who I am. He knows who I am and does not judge me based on mistakes I have made.”



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