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Welcome to 6Method Data Service Platform, new cheapest data subscription in town

Our Data service is one of the fastest in Data Delivery within 2mins of your Order after Payment.

New cheapest data subcription in town, Here you don’t need to be spending much on Data subscription monthly and your Data Validity is Assured at 1-3 months Duration which is very rare to find in Nigeria. Remember this service is mainly for Nigerians especially mtn Glo and Airtel users. Here you can also be one of our agents with a lot of discounts whenever you sell data or subscribe data for your self and others.

This will also give you the opportunity to also gain for Nigeria telecom industry which is the biggest in Africa with up to 80million active subscribers every month.

Don’t be left out in this offer the only difference between the Rich and the poor is information.

when you are not informed                    you are deformed


    Here are the run price of our data Sell at a cheaper Rates

1gb MTN N550
2gb MTN N1,000
3gb MTN N1,500
4gb MTN N2,000
5gb MTN N2,400
10gb MTN N4,600

All Valid for 1-3 months

1gb GLO N500
2gb GLO N950
4.5gb GLO N1,700
7.2gb GLO N2,500
8.5gb GLO N2,900

All valid for 1- 3 months

1.5gb Airtel N1000
4.5gb Airtel N2000


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