Nigerian legend Tony Allen is dead

Renowned Nigerian drummer and the co-founder of Afrobeat Tony Allen died in Paris on Thursday aged 79.
Nigeria legend Tony Allen is dead, he was the drummer and musical director of music band of Fela Kuti and Africa 70.
“Without Tony Allen, there would be no afrobeat”, Fela once said.

His manager, Eric Trosset told NPR radio that he died of heart attack.
Trosse in a Facebook post said: “Your eyes saw what most couldn’t see…as you used to say: ‘There is no end’”.
UK musician, Brian Eno had declared that Allen was “perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived”.

Beninois singer, Angelique Kidjo told BBC’s Newsday she was devastated.
“What I want to remember from them is our musical conversation, our laughter, our joy. They are gone, but they are not gone for me,” she said.


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