Nigerian Rapper, Olamide Baddo Talks How He Became Drug And Alcohol Addict

Olamide Baddo

Unbelievable as popular Nigeria rapper Olamide has poured his heart out in his current album titled ‘Carpe Diem’ as he spoke about the chronic depression he battled with that made him a temporal drug addict.

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He featured Bella Shumurda in one of his tracks, ‘Triumphant’ where he disclosed in the song his father’s death nearly made him an alcoholic and a drug addict.

A lyric in the song,

“Mo dye irun mi ni yellow mo tun dye e si green many thought it was fashion but i was loosing my mind… Mo den ma n fagbo moju, moti moju, mo de man ronu moju.. Gbogbo kirakita ati ikanju ti mo kanju, mommy ati daddy ti lo mhen omo mo need lati sanju.”

This in English, “I smoked and drank alcohol every night, I had thoughts every night. All my struggles and rush, my parents are gone and I just have to move on with life.”

These powerful revelation and message can change your life, say no to harmful drugs.

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