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Nigerian War Movie, Eagle Wings Set For Cinemas Release

Nigerian War Movie, Eagle Wings Set For Cinemas Release

Eagle Wings

Latest development as Eagle Wings, a war Nollywood advocacy film is set to hit cinemas on March 12, according to its producers.

Paul Apel-Papel, scriptwriter and director of the film, disclosed this in an interview with a correspondent on Thursday in Abuja.

All you need to know about the movie Eagle Wings

According to him, the film is produced by Papel Image Tech in collaboration with the NAF, with the support of the Air Force Investment Company as part of efforts to showcase activities of the military through films.


Apel-Papel explained that the blockbuster, acclaimed to be Nollywood’s biggest collaboration with the Nigerian Military; explores the efforts and sacrifices the Air Force and the military, in general, make in defence of fatherland.

He noted that being a military film, the Air Force supplied the equipment and logistics required during the shooting of the film in Kaduna, Borno, Abuja and other places.

The ace filmmaker said that NAF also trained the cast of the film; in order to present an unbiased and professional story of operations of the military.

“The goal of this movie is to show to Nigerians the efforts of the military in nation-building; and for us also to know what they go through and the sacrifices they make.

“Their families and friends also need to see and appreciate what they are going through there in protecting us.

“The story is about three brilliant course mates who are also best friends; and are faced with a challenge in the course of doing their work and ended up rescuing a whole community.

“We want Nigerians to appreciate the Air Force and the military in general; for the efforts and the sacrifices they make out there to keep our nation together.

“We want the people to see reasons why they are out there day and night in defence of our country,” he said.

Apel-Papel explained that in the bid to get its message to every Nigerian; the film was presented in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and pidgin English versions.

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