Nigerian Youth Begin New Campaign on Social Media

Nigerian Youth Begin New Campaign

Latest update as Nigerian youth set begin new campaign after the #Endsars protest. It seems that Nigerian youths might not be backing down on their protest and several demands from the government anytime soon, especially after the the huge backings they gave to the #EndSARS movement.

The youths have since the unfortunate killing of several people in Lagos State continue to mourn them, but might have taken a new course after the massacre.

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They have taken over the social media space with a new campaign on asking questions to know the person or persons who issued an order to the men referred to as men of the Nigerian army who shot live bullets at unarmed protesters.

Questions are being asked about how and why the men said to be Nigerian soldiers would leave their barracks and decide to shoot innocent and unarmed protesters. This, in a new twist of events has become a new course for the Nigerian youth who want to know who gave such others.

Some of the Nigerian youth wrote on Twitter;

“E L OO N A M #EndSars@Elozonam1;

Who ordered the shooting of peaceful protesters at Lekki on the 20th of October 2020???”

“David Hundeyin@DavidHundeyin;

Who ordered the shooting of peaceful protesters at Lekki on the 20th of October, 2020??? #EndSARS”

“chimdindu obiaku@DinduObiaku,


The Lagos State governor on the other hand had earlier stated that the order for the events leading to the shoot came from quarters beyond the state’s immediate control.

Many Nigerians have however wondered who has the constitutional power to order the Nigerian army, if the men responsible for the shooting were truly men of the Nigerian army.


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