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Noble Igwe Daughter Jax Turns 3

Noble igwe daughter Jax, turns 3

Noble Igwe Daughter Jax turns 3

Nigerian blogger, Noble Igwe while celebrating his daughter, Jax’s birthday as she turns 3, has narrated the story surrounding her birth.
He revealed that he was concerned for his wife’s health and hoped she’ll live after childbirth.
Sharing photos and videos of Jax, he wrote:

To be called Daddy, you need to have fathered a child.
The first time I met Jax, it wasn’t love at first sight.
She was light skinned, tiny, pretty and all that but I was more worried for my wife to live after child birth.
Days passed and we started spending time together. She would grab my fingers, stare at me and try to form a smile but I kept reminding her that I was married to a jealous woman.
Days became weeks, weeks became months and months became years.
Everyone who met Jax and I can tell that she loves me to stupor.
Jax is the centre of my entire life and the 2nd reason I work hard to be successful in life.
I’d put together a video and probably write a story about our love if you lot are interested.
Happy Birthday,Beans
Daddy loves you so much but I’m sure you can tell.
Thank you so much for making me a #Girldad


Here are their lovely pictures of Noble Igwe daughter Jax turns 3

Noble igwe daughter jax, turns 3


Noble Igwe and Jax

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