NPower Cut Off Mark For 2021 Batch C Test

NPower Cut Off Mark

Latest development as Npower Cut Off Mark For 2021 Batch C Test has emerged and Applicants who score more than the cut off mark will be selected (shortlisted), and those scores below are discarded.

N-power test is a competitive exam, which is totally different from any other exams that you must have faced in your schools. In school exams, you compete with yourself to make good grades, but when it comes to N-power or other competitive exams like UTME or Post UTME , you compete with thousands other applicants.

What is the Npower Cut Off Mark For 2021 Batch C NASIMS Test ?

The official Npower cut off mark for Batch C test has not been announced yet. Although, the Npower pass percentage or pass mark is 50%, but applicants are expected to score above 70% to have greater chance of being selected on merit.


You should understand that N-power Batch C test is a competitive exam where you are competing with over 5 million registered applicants in which only best 500,000 people would be taken.

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Therefore, the higher your test score, the higher your chances of winning.

How to Write 2021 NPower Batch C Test

  1. First, Obtain your Login details Here
  2. Secondly,  Get your NASIMS ID after your NPower Document update
  3. Thirdly, Use a strong network and a good browser App.
  4. Finally, You can log in and take your test

Note: Remember that the target is 1 Million. So, after batch C, expect Batch D soonest including NPower cut off mark The Ministry is working on making N-power Programme a yearly programme.

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