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PeerBet | How to Get 100 Kin Tokens Daily Using This Strategy

Welcome 6method crypto hub, here is another great opportunity to accumulate wealth through PeerBet game prediction Application. For me this Apk is beyond sports activities but also where to claim 100 Kin tokens using this strategy I will share below.

What is PeerBet Apk?

PeerBet is an entertainment and free peer-to-peer social prediction game that allows you to play against other players on the latest sports, political, and entertainment events.

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How to Claim 100 Kin Token Daily with PeerBet

Follow the instructions below carefully


  • After signing up, click on the icon shown below

How to Claim 100 Kin Token Daily with PeerBet

  • Click on the icon to claim Kin token every 30 minutes.

How To withdraw Your Kin Token

  • Switch on your Kin token as shown on your trust wallet to receive your earned Kin

How To withdraw Your Kin Token

  • Then click on my wallet, then click on send Kin.

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  • Input your the amount and your wallet address copied from your trust wallet to receive.

How much is a kin token worth?

Kin is a cryptocurrency we are using within PeerBet. Winning bets will allow you to earn and spend your Kin within the app. The Token is worth $0.000107 with 24-hour trading volume and percentage of $6,833,187.

According to some kin price predictions, the token can roughly get $0.00041388 before the end of 2022.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to claim free Kin token using the above strategy. Remember to share this opportunity.

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