Guys, GOOGLE has been ripping us off for many years of using their services without payment. But thank God since the invention of presearch token the system has changed.

Presearch Token: How To Earn PRE Coin Daily

If you search for anything using google and don’t get paid, then it’s time we change that.

What is Presearch

Presearch is the first decentralized search engine that repays users for searching anything on their platform with a cryptocurrency called Presearch coins.

This search engine was established in reaction to the current state of search engines today where Google, Bing, and Amazon dominate the landscape.

How Do I Get Presearch Token Daily?

Just like Google. Even better, this site pays users for using it.

Imagine every time you search, you get paid $0.22.

Guess what, there’s no limit to how many times you can search.

It’s just unlimited 100%. To get registered sign up with this link below:

Plus, when you invite a new fully verified user to the site, you get paid NGN6,500 ($12) in their Cryptocurrency that’s also already listed on multiple exchanges including CoinMarket Cap and Coingecko.

Presearch Coin Contract Address


All you need to do is to create an account here and start using this site to earn Presearch coin instead of Google.

Remember to share with others and tell them to register Here.

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