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Procedures To Register Google Admob Account

Procedures To Register Google Admob Account

Procedures To Register Google Admob Account

Google AdMob is a programme used to pay Application developer or owner Here are procedures to Register Google admob account. Do all the things listed below to get ur account approved within d next 24hrs.

Procedures To Register Google Admob Account

Step 1. Click

*Step 2.* Sign up with a valid Gmail acct


*Step 3.* Choose Nigeria as your country, choose Lagos as time zone , choose US dollar as mode of payment. Click next.

*Step 4:* Mark all field yes in the next page. Then click next/done.

*Step 5* Go to the left hand side, click my app. The click on create new app. You will be asked if your app has been uploaded on playstore.. Click NO

*Step6:* Enter app information (name of the app) (give it any name of your choice that you will not forget)and click on Android

*Step7.* Click on *create ad unit*

You will find three (3) ad unit (banner, interstitial and reward)

*Step 8.* Click on banner and input ad unit name(name it *banner1*) after that click create ad unit,

*Step 9:* After creating banner ad unit,
Create another ad unit and this time, click on interstitial follow the same format …create one interstitial and name it as *interstitial 1*

Then click done

On the new display, copy out the codes one by one, by clicking on the square box beside d name of each ad units. And save them somewhere till when you will use them.

save the codes on your note pad or memo. Please don’t create anything for reward. Only banner1 and Interstitial1. That’s all Click on Done.

*Step 10.* on the left hand side, Click menu icon and click on payment and fill in your name, current address. *Ignore suburb and address line 2*

*(Please make sure your address is very correct especially the postal code because Google will later send you a verification pin physically to your post office, for you to use to verify your account)*

Then click save. That’s all.



This is how your codes will be arranged after you might have finished your Registration.
The above code will be used to earn u money with your app I’ll be making for you just inbox me now for your app or i will teach you how to turn your blog into app within 10 mins.
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