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Main Reasons why Men Cheat in Relationship

Main Reasons why Men Cheat in Relationship


Here are main Reasons why Men Cheat in Relationship. Firstly men were sleeping and part of them were taken to create a woman. When he woke up, he find beautiful part of him. So he was delighted to her.

Main Reasons why Men Cheat in Relationship

Main Reasons why Men Cheat in Relationship


Whenever man see any beautiful woman, he feels so happy that such beauty comes from him and wanna bring her to inside his chest, body to body, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, laps to laps, until penetration takes place.


So they will always want to appreciate part of them that are more beautiful than them but at the end, they will be seduced.

Even if he has someone already, he is still attracted to other women because he believes they all comes from him.

But the goodness is this, among all, one person must go deeper into his soul and body and spirit and that one is irreplaceable, this are also pure reasons why men cheat in relationship Even when he has fun with another women, his mind will still be on that one. This is one out of many reasons why they cheat

Another theory is curiosity theory

Men are naturally meant to expire the world. World including women world. Environmental world. Biological world. Even outside the earth (other planet).
That’s called curiosity. The urge to know what is in your immediate environment.

So whenever man sees any woman, his exploring nature will be pushing him to start exploring her immediately.

It usually start with touches, squeezing, sucking, licking, kissing, hugging, wrapping, playing, before you know it, penetrations will start.

They are not only exploring women
They explore other phases of life such as

  • Business
  • Inventory
  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Sports

So women are one of the millions of things man explore.


The truth is this When you know some of these things, you will be able to understand man beta, know what is obtainable and how to help him and control some things. He is not a bad person, he is a human being. He loves you and that’s why he chooses you. He is proud of you. But some of his nature is bringing his legs outside sometimes . He needs strong discipline to be able to always win at any given time. A good wife with the knowledge of men’s abilities and disabilities is likely to make a beta wife, live a happy home and enjoy his man than a novice who is ignorant of these things. Help him and he will be fine. Although is not a guarantee for men to start misbehaving, instead is a litmus way of knowing real men who can withstand all those natural inabilities and stand faithful to that only one he loves. And the knowledge of men will help appreciate those faithful men around you as a woman as you know what it cost you to be faithful to your man. Same with a man. He does his own sacrifices to stay faithful to you.

Real man is measured by his ability to stand faithful to one woman against all natural pressure and not a man who count census on multiple women on the umbrella that I am a man. Veins don’t know boundaries.

Then after explorations He will analyse his practicals Is just the nature of man to explore his environment, God created man that way.

Above are Main Reasons why Men Cheat in Relationship That’s why is mostly the work of woman to control such situation because her nature is reservation and virtues

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