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Quidax Airdrop: How To Get 20000 $QDX Reward

Quidax Airdrop

Airdrops are free cryptocurrencies you get for participating in activities organized by the company issuing the coin. Learn how to Claim free 20000 Quidax airdrop to your trust wallet.

To earn airdrops you have perform some task, and get rewarded after which may take days or weeks depending on the type of crypto project. 

Airdrop distribution will be within 24 hours after participation.


How To Participate On Quidax Coin Airdrop

🎁 Airdrop Reward: 110000 $QDX
👫 Refer: 20000 $QDX
📤 Distribution: Within 24 hour
📊 Market: LuaSwap
📛 Winners: For all valid-user

📑 Additional Information:

▪️ All valid people will get an airdrop reward 24 HOUR after withdrawal requested

▪️ For each refers 20000 $QDX each

Below are tasks to perform

🔹 Join Official Telegram & Subscribe
🔹 Join Promoter & Promoter Channel
🔹 Follow Promoter & Sponsor Instagram
🔹 Follow Advertiser’s Facebook page
🔹 follow Twitter & Retweet the post

Quidax Coin Contract Address


How Can I Stake My Quidax Coin

Staking your QDX is like a fixed deposit. You lock an amount of your QDX for a while in exchange for other coins. The best thing about this is that you qualify for Airdrops when you stake your QDX.

Here’s how to go about it –

Log in to your Quidax account on the web platform.

[quads id=1]

Click on wallets.

Then click on your QDX wallet.

Please go ahead to click on the Vault icon right beside Buy/Sell.

Enter the amount of QDX you want to stake and click on “Stake QDX”.

Hope you got value, remember to share with others about Quidax airdrop, QDX contract address, and everything you need to know about Quidax coin.

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