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Radio Raca Contract Address | Claim $50 Raca Token Airdrop

Radio Raca Contract Address | Claim $50 Raca Token Airdrop

Welcome to another cryptocurrency money-making opportunity, Radio raca is a multi-project token with a limited supply of 24000000 runs on the binance smart chain. Check out everything you need to about Raca token airdrop, Radio raca contract address, and current price.

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Raca introduces 3 different High‌ relevant projects with the support of a huge community.



vr nft marketplace

decentralized crowdfunding platform internet of things with blockchain

♻ Token Supply: 24000000 $Raca
💠 Token Name: Radio Raca
💥 Symbol: $Raca
☀ Decimals: 9

Radio raca Contract Address


How to Claim Radio raca Token Airdrop

Join And Get $50 Worth Of $RacaTokens (PancakeSwap Listing Price)

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$25 Worth Of $Raca Token For Each Valid Referral (PancakeSwap Listing Price)✨

Distribution: Starts January 17th ( 2 Valid Referrals Required To Be Eligible For Distribution)✨

Click the link below to join the Airdrop Program.

👥Raca Partnership Program

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⭐ Maximum Participants Allowed 200✨
⭐ Lifetime Benefits✨
⭐ Instant Token Distribution✨

For more details Click Join Partnership Program

Note: Don’t Forget To Complete All Tasks. We will Check Manually And Distribute Only To Deserved Ones.

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Latest Airdrop:

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